-=-------The Modification for Deus Ex-------=-

Disclosure (c) Face / Face Designs 2002
A Head Rush Production

IMPORTANT: This modification (add on) was not
made and is not supported by Ion Storm and Eidos
Interactive. Face Designs hold the copyright to
Disclosure, but, as per the SDK Licence agreement,
Ion Storm and/or Eidos Interactive are granted the
perpetual, royalty free right to use, modify, license
and distribute this modification in any way they

Download of the Disclosure Demo is subject to
your acceptance of the terms and conditions [ here ].

Click on one of the links below to begin the Disclosure
Demo Download (PC VERSION). We advise selecting the
link closest to your physical location.

--> [ UK Server ] (PC Version)

If you experience trouble downloading the demo
i.e. when you click on the link it does not ask you where
to save it, please try again later as the download site is
likely to be busy. Additional download locations will be
made available soon.