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The Story

The story continues in this war for survival - a subtle, invisible, but very real war. This war is not about bullets and bombs, but about the absolute control of information and minds, an unceasing war of conflicting words and ideals, their causes and their effects.

Who killed your brother, Paul, and why? Was he somehow part of a top secret military project? Why was he involved? Why would he be involved? What really did happen on the night of his death?

Deus Ex: Disclosure will take you on a dark journey of discovery, spanning vast and varied locations, ranging from deserts to the darkest depths of the Puerto Rican rainforests, and cities to canyons. Who can you trust?

Paul is dead and his memory laid to rest, but his killer has always remained on your mind. Why? There has to be a reason for Pauls assassination. Higher authorities have plagued our lives and Paul was always closer to the edge than most. If there was a deeper involvement you must find out.

Returning Characters

Alex Jacobson, Jaime Reyes, Jock. As the player, you are once again JC Denton. (There will be many new characters too)

Number of Missions

Disclosure has been designed to immerse the player in a realistic virtual environment. To achieve this and to capture the minds of players - thus really putting them in JC Denton's shoes - there are between 10 and 15 planned missions; currently four have been completed.

Other Information - Playable Demo

Face Designs is pleased to announce that the first Demo for Disclosure is now available to download for both the P.C. and Mac!

Click [ here ] to download PC Version

Click [ here ] to download Mac Version

Please let us know what you think! If you experience any problems please check out the support page [ here ] or [ email us ] for assistance.

Estimated Release Date

When completed.

What's different about the Disclosure Mod?

Well, firstly it should be evident that it's just me (Face) working on the map building, textures, models, characters, conversations etc with only one other person (Xanoman) helping with the story development and Symbiant working on the music.
This doesn't mean that the development of the mod is slower than the other mods currently being produced, in fact we are probably further ahead with a more professional mod than most; indeed, we are one of the very few mods who have consistently worked on the mod without once closing down or suffering from internal politics!
The Disclosure Modification has a personal purpose for me, and that is to build up a portfolio showing my ability, so obviously time, care and much effort is going into it, producing what I hope to be one of the better modifications for DX.

More details of the Disclosure mod will be available here soon, so keep checking back if you're interested.


     When completed.


Please see the [ FILES ] section for the screenshots and more!
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